EnfaMama Club


You can enjoy a host benefits for being an EnfaMama A+ Club member.
EnfaMama Club
1. Welcome Points*


You will receive 100 Kitty Points when you email us at enfamama.club@mjn.com upon receiving your Welcome Pack.
EnfaMama Club
2. Mama to Mama Newsletter


This informative newsletter is filled with news and tips on pregnancy, child development, nutrition and parenting. It's not all serious though – you can read up on fun activities you can do with your child and check out the latest promotions.
EnfaMama Club
3. Smart Beginnings Program


We’ll help you keep track of your child’s changing nutritional needs
by mailing you relevant information and product samples that suit
his or her stage of growth.
EnfaMama Club
4. Free Gift Redemption


Absolutely FREE! Just send in the tin foils/barcodes from EnfaMama A+, Enfapro A+, Enfagrow A+, Enfakid A+ and EnfaSchool A+ to exchange practical gifts for yourself and your family.
EnfaMama Club
5. Birthday Bonus*


You'll be awarded with 100 Kitty Points when it's your birthday!
Just email us at enfamama.club@mjn.com within 1 month of your birthday to activate your points.
EnfaMama Club
6. First To Know


You'll have the privilege of being the first to find out about all our activities and promotion.
*Terms and Conditions apply
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Would (or do) you buy organic baby food? If you do, is it because you think it's better for your baby?
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cara-cara meningkatkan disiplin anak
Anak saya kalau marah dia akan membuang/membaling benda yang ada di sekitarnya. Contohnya, dia tidak mahu ...
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Sustagen 100% Nutritionland
wah, bagus , saya suka hadiah misteri....
- 3 day ago
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